[torqueusers] Node np parameter adjusted automatically since 2.1.x ?

Garrick Staples garrick at clusterresources.com
Thu Jun 22 15:29:59 MDT 2006

On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 09:46:10AM -0400, Daniel Widyono alleged:
> > > no nodes file exists?  set it up for them, use your algorithm for determining
> > > values
> > 
> > But if there are no nodes, then there is nothing to do.
> Not "no nodes", "no nodes file".  No file named $PBS_ROOT/nodes.  As is true
> in default first-time installation.  I was under the impression this is the
> problem you're trying to solve, i.e. "make first-time installation painless".
> Wasn't the original poster's issue the fact that pbs_server munged his
> already-existing nodes file?

But if there is no nodes file, then there are no nodes... and nothing
to do.

> > Once pbs_server is running, you don't want to be manually messing with that
> > file anyways.
> I see, so I've been working under the mistaken impression that it is supposed
> to be manually hand-held, based on my own experience of manually setting it
> up, and having to add nodes manually.  I'd rather not have to, but perhaps
> I'm not using some daemon properly which automagically updates the nodes file
> when new nodes are added.

It's both.  You can stop pbs_server, edit the file, and start
pbs_server; this being useful for large updates.  Or you can use
qmgr to make changes with the daemon running.

As of 2.1.1, it is now possible to safely create or delete nodes,
and change a node's np on-the-fly with qmgr.  Those actions were
the only reasons why an admin *had* to edit it by hand.

Now I would imagine most admins using qmgr for all small changes and
hand-edit the nodes file for larger changes.  As an editing environment,
qmgr lacks some features compared to vim, emacs, and gedit :)

I routinely do large sets of attribute changes to many nodes at once
through qmgr.  For example, things like this are just too easy:

  seq -f "set node hpc%04g properties -= queue1, properties += queue2" 20 50 | qmgr

> > And no, comments aren't supported because pbs_server skips over the
> > comments.
> That's what I mean by supporting comments; it handles them gracefully by
> skipping them.  Glad to know.

Until the next change comes along from pbs_server and writes a new nodes
file.  Comments aren't preserved.

Even simply marking a node offline causes a new nodes file to be

> > I don't think this is reasonable for TORQUE.
> "this" meaning automatically updating the nodes file?

Automatically creating new nodes on-the-fly.  From a security
stand-point, this scares me.

> > So we're talking abou 2 different things here.  I'm talking about a
> > node's np and you are talking about the nodes file.
> Doesn't the np exist in the nodes file?  Maybe that's why I'm confused.

np is only 1 thing in the nodes file.  There are also node names
and attributes.

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