[torqueusers] Node np parameter adjusted automatically since 2.1.x ?

Daniel Widyono widyono at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Jun 22 07:46:10 MDT 2006

> > no nodes file exists?  set it up for them, use your algorithm for determining
> > values
> But if there are no nodes, then there is nothing to do.

Not "no nodes", "no nodes file".  No file named $PBS_ROOT/nodes.  As is true
in default first-time installation.  I was under the impression this is the
problem you're trying to solve, i.e. "make first-time installation painless".
Wasn't the original poster's issue the fact that pbs_server munged his
already-existing nodes file?

> Once pbs_server is running, you don't want to be manually messing with that
> file anyways.

I see, so I've been working under the mistaken impression that it is supposed
to be manually hand-held, based on my own experience of manually setting it
up, and having to add nodes manually.  I'd rather not have to, but perhaps
I'm not using some daemon properly which automagically updates the nodes file
when new nodes are added.

> And no, comments aren't supported because pbs_server skips over the
> comments.

That's what I mean by supporting comments; it handles them gracefully by
skipping them.  Glad to know.

> I don't think this is reasonable for TORQUE.

"this" meaning automatically updating the nodes file?

> So we're talking abou 2 different things here.  I'm talking about a
> node's np and you are talking about the nodes file.

Doesn't the np exist in the nodes file?  Maybe that's why I'm confused.

Thanks for helping clarify, 
Dan W.

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