[torqueusers] torque 2.1.0p0 and maui 3.2.6p16 STATIC (yet moreQ's)

garrick at speculation.org garrick at speculation.org
Tue Jun 20 12:27:49 MDT 2006

On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 10:53:38PM -0700, Sam Rash alleged:
> Great!  I must have not have the -with-pbs pointer set properly.
> TO re-iterate, if I want all-static builds:
> 1) build pbs with ONLY static libs
> 2) use --with-pbs to point maui to those installed files (er, one
> libtorque.a)

See my post yesterday.  I posted patches for maui's configure and
makefiles that should resolve your issues.

> Also, I was reading the archive about the --disable-rpp option.  Will this
> basically increase reliability via using TCP/IP vs a app-level reliable
> version of UDP?   (assuming the latter can be faster due to being optimized
> to the situation).

The --disable-rpp option only effects Resource Monitor requests (talking
directly to MOM with momctl).  It is mostly useless.

> I'm wondering if 2.1.0 has any changes that could cause my mysterious
> hanging with torque/maui and torque/torque (srv = 2.1.0 in both servers).

Can you get an strace of pbs_server during the hangs?  See what it is
blocking on?

> Also, any worth in trying some of the newer snapshots?

Yes, we've found and fixed more memory corruption and crash bugs in

> Thanks again.  I wrote a scheduler WAY back in my spare time and it was
> nothing compared to this great stuff--probably why I find it so darn
> interesting beyond just how useful it is ;)

Then dig into the client code and fix your segfault :)

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