[torqueusers] Unenforced walltimes

crowley at uottawa.ca crowley at uottawa.ca
Thu Jun 15 19:41:31 MDT 2006


I'm configuring a maui/torque queuing system on a private 60 node HPC
cluster. I'd like to take advantage of maui's backfilling features, so
I've created submit scripts that ask the user for an estimated walltime
when a job is submitted. However, I'd prefer if the jobs were not killed
when the walltime is up; the walltime would serve only as a way for maui
to better schedule the jobs. The obvious potential for abuse is not
important because it is used exclusively within a single research group.
Is there a way to configure torque/maui to do this?

Christopher Rowley
Department of Chemistry
University of Ottawa

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