[torqueusers] Node np parameter adjusted automatically since 2.1.x ?

Martin Schafföner martin.schaffoener at e-technik.uni-magdeburg.de
Thu Jun 15 04:37:01 MDT 2006

On Thursday 15 June 2006 10:48, garrick at speculation.org wrote:

> *sigh*  I knew someone wasn't going to like that change.  The idea is to
> reduce the amount of initial configuration for new clusters.

Sounds reasonable.

> There's no server attribute to disable, but I'll add one before 2.1.1
> releases.
> Just comment out the 'if else' block at lines 1085-1101 in
> src/server/node_manager.c.

I think we can wait until 2.1.1 release (when will that be ? :-) )

> > I know, mom is always right...
> That's what I thought too!
> The current logic is to only change np if MOM's ncpus is greater than
> np.  Maybe a better logic is to only change if (np==1 && ncpus>np)?

IMHO, it would be the best logic to only automatically set the np variable if 
nothing had been set in the server_priv/nodes file, but I don't know how 
easily this is implementable, if at all.

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