[torqueusers] Node np parameter adjusted automatically since 2.1.x ?

Martin Schafföner martin.schaffoener at e-technik.uni-magdeburg.de
Thu Jun 15 02:23:27 MDT 2006

Hi all,

we have a bunch of dual xeon nodes which have hyperthreading enabled (it 
actually gives some performance improvement especially when memory-bandwidth 
limited apps run). So there are virtually 4 processors in each node, but we 
used to limit the number of processes by setting the np=2 parameter in the 
server_priv/nodes file.

After upgrading to 2.1.x (actually 2.1.1snap), I saw 4 processes being 
scheduled on these nodes. Upon investigating, I found that the 
server_priv/nodes file have automatically been adjusted to np=4 for the 
respective nodes. That was not what I wanted. Is there any way to prevent 
this behavior and fix this parameter to what the admin says rather than what 
the moms say? 

I know, mom is always right...

Martin Schafföner

Cognitive Systems Group, Institute of Electronics, Signal Processing and 
Communication Technologies, Department of Electrical Engineering, 
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Phone: +49 391 6720063

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