[torqueusers] Rotating Log Compile Option

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Fri Jun 2 08:51:45 MDT 2006

>  *I would like to chime in on this, if this is implemented please make
> an option (perhaps the default), to keep all logs.  Job/server history
> is valuable in debugging, not to mention metric generation for use of
> the system.

The following works like a charm; why complicate the torque code (further) ?

Put into /etc/cron.daily/clean_torque_logs.sh, chmod +x it:

# clean SPBS logfiles
# 744 == keep 1 month back
# keep accounting info 1488 == 2 months
# -m mtime
/usr/sbin/tmpwatch -m -d 744 $DEST/{server,mom,sched}_logs
/usr/sbin/tmpwatch -m -d 744 $DEST/server_priv/accounting


PS: Put this into a contrib/ dir maybe, Garrick?

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