[torqueusers] question about default fifo scheduler

Alexander Saydakov saydakov at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Jan 31 11:28:21 MST 2006


Does anyone know how does the default fifo scheduler determine the
availability of the nodes in is_ok_to_run_job()? Particularly I would like
to know if a node (cpu) can become available in a middle of a scheduling


My reasoning is as follows: A scheduling cycle begins (in my configuration)
with sorting of queues according to priority and sorting of jobs within
queues according to priority. Then the scheduler considers those sorted jobs
one by one and calls is_ok_to_run_job(). If a free slot can become available
any time during this process, that means any job can happen to run
regardless of priority. Is this possible? I think that it is what I see. If
so how Maui does that?


Thanks a lot.


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