[torqueusers] Moab 4.5.0 Announcement

Nick Ihli nick at clusterresources.com
Tue Jan 31 10:44:33 MST 2006


We are pleased to announce the formal release and general availability 
of Moab 4.5.0. This release sets new standards in cluster workload 
management, adding more power while making cluster administration easier 
than ever before. You can find more information on Moab at 
www.clusterresources.com/moab and for free evaluation software see 

Moab 4.5.0 culminates months of design, development, and implementation 
of features required by leading-edge sites throughout the world. These 
enhancements have continued to propel Moab's leadership in many areas of 
resource and workload management including:

- Increased Environmental Awareness

Moab can import more information about the overall cluster environment 
and both steer around potential issues and take advantage of dynamic 

- Improved Event Tracking and Automated Adjustments

Moab helps organizations visualize virtually every aspect of cluster 
operation as it applies to system performance. It identifies 
relationships between jobs and network, storage, and compute resources. 
Moab also helps to find bottlenecks and enables rules allowing the 
scheduler to optimize its behavior around these constraints.

- Simplified Grid Management

Create productive, real-world grids as manageable as a single, unified 

- Utility Computing

If you are a commercial organization, you may want to think about new 
business models in which you offer not just information, but real 
compute and application services running inside a dynamically customized 
and secured virtual cluster. With the click of a mouse, you can provide 
a customer-centric end-to-end turnkey solution that allows the customer 
to fully utilize your information, your software, your compute 
resources, or your custom environment. Ask us for information on what we 
are already doing for some of the biggest names in the industry.

- Ease of Use

Over the last year, we have made a concerted effort to 'deprecate' the 
log file so even though it will always be available, the diagnostics in 
Moab would be powerful enough to render it nearly unused. Reported 
issues, both system failures and user errors, helped us enhance Moab to 
allow its built-in diagnostic commands to not just identify the source 
of the failure, but where possible, recommend steps to correct the 
issues. Moab 4.5.0 is like having an expert that monitors your jobs, 
nodes, users, and more built into every cluster. Best practices 
knowledge is now available within Moab by simply running 'mdiag'. This 
capability translates directly into increased availability and 

- New Architectures and Platforms

We have extended the power of Moab to provide tight integration with 
numerous new architectures including: Cray XT3, SGI Altix, and 
Quadric/RMS platforms with development already underway for BlueGene and 
many more architectures. We have also enhanced support for LSF, PBS, 
TORQUE, Ganglia, Loadleveler, SLURM, and many other resource managers, 
license managers, and network and storage control systems.

- General Feature Enhancements

Moab’s enhancements in 4.5.0 cover improvements in the following: 
network management, storage management, grid, political policies, 
co-allocation, dynamic jobs, application virtualization, resource 
manager integration, scalability, job translation, and hundreds of other 
spaces too numerous to cover here. If you have needs in workload 
management, scheduling resource orchestration, and other policy-centric 
system intelligence, Moab can probably handle it. People have said for 
years that our products are the most advanced in the industry. Come find 
out how this can help your organization and why adoption of this 
technology is growing so rapidly.

Cluster Resources, Inc.

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