[torqueusers] TORQUE 2.0.0p7 Released

Dave Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Fri Jan 27 13:04:28 MST 2006


  Thanks once again go out to the many contributors to the latest
release of TORQUE.  Improvements have been made in scalability,
usability, and reliability with patches provided by more than a dozen
sites in the last two weeks alone.  TORQUE growth continues to be rapid
with this month setting yet another download record, exceeding the
previous record by 12%  The online TORQUE documentation has been further
updated and the new TORQUE WIKI is available.

  With this release out, work has already begun on TORQUE 2.1.0 with
patches already contributed.  Key projects under development at this
time include

  - job arrays
  - improved preemption support
  - improved high availability
  - queue hostlist support
  - improved task manager interfaces
  - improved reporting of job submission rejection reasons 

  Regarding 2.0.0p7, we recommend all sites upgrade at their convenience
as there have been further stability improvements with broad
applicability.  The full list of enhancements/patches is listed below:

Cluster Resources, Inc
  fixed pbs_mom SEGV in req_stat_job()
  fixed torque.cfg parameter handling
  fixed qmgr memory leak

  fix segfault in new "acl_group_sloppy" code if a group doesn't exist
  configure defaults changed to enable syslog, enable docs, and disable
filesync (USC)
  pelog now correctly restores previous alarm handler (Sandia)
  misc fixes with syscalls returns, sign-mismatches, and mem corruption
  prevent MOM from killing herself on new job race condition (USC)
    - so far, only linux is fixed
  remove job delete nanny earlier to not interrupt long stageouts (USC)
  display C state later when using keep_completed (USC)
  add 'printtracking' command in src/tools (USC)
  stop overriding the user with name resolution on qsub's -o/-e args
  xpbsmon now works with Tcl 8.4 (BCGSC)
  don't bother spooling/keeping job output intended for /dev/null (USC)
  correct missing hpux11 manpage (USC)
  fix compile for freebsd - missing symbols (yahoo)
  fix momctl exit code (yahoo)
  new "exit_status" job attribute (USC)
  new "mail_domain" server attribute (overrides --maildomain) (USC)
  configure fixes for linux x86_64 and tcl install weirdness (USC)
  extended mom parameter buffer space
  change pbs_mkdirs to use standard var names so that chroot installs
work better (USC)
  torque.spec now has tcl/gui and wordexp enabled by default
  enable multiple dynamic+static generic resources per node (GATech)
  make sure attrs on job launch are sent to server (fixes session_id)
  add resmom job modify logging
  torque.cfg parsing fixes

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