[torqueusers] client commands from another system permission denied

Steven A. DuChene linux-clusters at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 25 16:14:55 MST 2006

I am attempting to install the pbs client commands on a couple
of other systems in our cluster but when I execute the following from
one of those remote systems:

qsub myjob.pbs


qsub -q mgt myjob.pbs   (where mgt is the internal cluster name for the
                                        system where the pbs_server process actually runs)

where myjob.pbs is a very simple script as follows:

#PBS -e /home/testuser/hostname.error

#PBS -o /home/testuser/hostname.output

#PBS -N new_name


#PBS -l walltime=00:05:00


When I submit the job I keep getting the following error:

qsub: Job rejected by all possible destinations

I can run various query commands like qstat or pbsnodes
but I am not able to submit a job.

I am thinking on the management node where the pbs_server
process is running I need to put a torque.cfg file into place with
the following contents:

SUBMITHOSTS    remotehost1.cluster,remotehost2.cluster

Is that correct/enough or do I need something else?

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