[torqueusers] Node To Queue Assignment

Aaron Greenwood agreenwo at comcast.net
Sun Jan 22 09:35:52 MST 2006

I have a question about  node to queue assignment.  After creating 4 
separate queues I was unable to find a definitive way to assign nodes 
exclusively to a particular queue. This is what I have done and would 
appreciate your comments and corrections.

 I created four queues called highmem, lowmem, p1 and p2.  I then 
assigned each node one and only one of the following properties, 
highmem, lowmem, p1 or p2. These properties correspond with the name of 
a queue.  Using node properties was the only way I could  see to 
exclusively assign a particular node to a particular queue.

Here is an example qsub command

qsub -N "Test Job" \
     -e $HOME/testjob.stderr.lpwmem \
     -o $HOME/testjob.stdout.lowmem \
     -q lowmem \
     -l nodes=1:lowmem \

Is what I am doing correct of am I off base?

Best regards,


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