[torqueusers] how to get exit status

Alexander Saydakov saydakov at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Jan 20 15:00:55 MST 2006

Oh, that was fast :)
I suppose I don't have to upgrade the nodes, do I?
Will it automatically propagate to perl-PBS?
Thanks a lot.

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On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 11:24:49AM -0800, Alexander Saydakov alleged:
> Right, it does work in 2.0.0p5 (does not work in p4, by the way - I also
> have p4 installation around). Qstat shows the job with the status of 'C'
> (completed) for a specified period of time, but I don't see any exit code
> there. I would like to have the exit code from the actual script or

Yes, keep_completed is new in p5.

Check out torque-2.0.0p6-snap.200601201443.tar.gz, it sets a new
"exit_status" job attribute (defined as ATTR_exitstat in pbs_ifl.h)

Garrick Staples, Linux/HPCC Administrator
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