[torqueusers] perl PBS bindings and Win32 perl?

Steven A. DuChene linux-clusters at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 20 12:19:53 MST 2006

Nevermind, I just read through the readme a little closer and realize this
needs stuff that is not available on Windows....    (see me open mouth,
insert foot)
Steven A. DuChene

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>From: "Steven A. DuChene" <linux-clusters at mindspring.com>
>Sent: Jan 20, 2006 12:00 PM
>To: torqueusers at supercluster.org
>Subject: [torqueusers] perl PBS bindings and Win32 perl?
>Has anyone tried using Garrick's PBS bindings for perl on a Win32 perl installation?
>I think I stated before we have a need here to submit jobs from a script running within
>a WinXP session in VMware. We were intending to install the Net::SSH module into
>the Activestate Win32 perl stuff and then write a script to make a ssh call to the Linux
>systems to submit a job through qsub but if I could do this directly using Garrick's
>perl-PBS bindings in Win32 perl that would be great.
>Anyinfo or hints appreciated
>Steven A. DuChene 

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