[torqueusers] inter-torque/pbs-server protocol compatibility

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Mon Jan 16 06:56:11 MST 2006

Given earlier:

raising vaguely related question:

Is there commitment to network protocol compatibility
between  different patchlevels,minor versions,major versions
of torque for
server<->server  (routing queues!)

I can see why people devving the relatively rapidly developing torque 
tree might like to keep protocol extension options open for various 
improvements, just wondering to what extent we should keep clusters 
torque versions synchronised if we're using routing queues between 
them is all.  Obviously, it's probably a good idea to have most software
on clusters you're routing between matched fairly closely _anyway_,
but I'm wondering how much leeway there is.

(presently we've got a couple with different minor version
numbers, and they seem to work okay, but that could be blind 
luck. Has ramifications for the strategy we use for grid-enabling
our clusters...)

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