[torqueusers] Permissions of managers and operators

Steve White steve.white at aei.mpg.de
Thu Jan 12 08:20:36 MST 2006


I haven't found a succinct overview of the respective permissions of
PBS managers, operators and users.  Can anybody point me to such a

Below is my table, gleanded from the man pages.  I mostly just
reported what was in the pages--although there are obviously other
means by which to make the determinations.  At least, there are
several commands whose man pages should clarify this question.

If there isn't a complete reference somewhere, could we put one

A = any
O = operator
M = manager
U = user (* = owned by)
? = man page doesn't say (sometime I guessed)
chk_tree  ? no man page
hostn     ? no man page
nqs2pbs   ?A
pbsnodes  O M U(for -a and -l options)
printjob  ? no man page
qalter    ?
qdel      U* O M
qdisable  O M
qenable   O M
qhold     U*(USER hold) O(USER or OTHER hold) M(USER, OTHER, SYSTEM hold)
qmove     ?
qmgr      U(list, print) O(set/unset attributes) M(create/delete)
qmsg      ?
qorder    ?
qrerun    ?
qrls      see qhold
qselect   ?
qstat     ?A
qsig      ?
qstop     O M
qterm     U* O M
qrun      O M
qstart    O M
qsub      ?A
tracejob  ?(no man page)

In summary:

A            qsub qstat?
U*OM         qdel qterm
OM           qstart qstop qrun qdisable qenable
OM distinct  qhold qrls qmgr
?            about half

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