[torqueusers] 2.0.0p5 patch release now available

Garrick Staples garrick at usc.edu
Tue Jan 10 15:22:49 MST 2006

The next patch release, 2.0.0p5, is now available at
http://www.clusterresources.com/downloads/torque/.  It includes the
usual assortment of bug fixes and new features.
  - group acls can now search through a user's secondary groups
  - data staging can now use file globs with wordexp
  - MOM segfault fixes with ugly env vars passed in the job
  - rerunning jobs works correctly on 64bit arches
  - configure now correctly handles darwin8 and solaris10

Thanks to all of the contributions from CRI and the community!

Full changelog for this patch release:

  reorganize ji_newt structure to eliminate 64 bit data packing issues
  enable '--disable-spool' configure directive
  enable stdout/stderr stageout to search through $HOME and $HOME/.pbs_spool
  fixes to qsub's env handling for newlines and commas (UMU)
  fixes to at_arst encoding and decoding for newlines and commas (USC)
  use -p with rcp/scp (USC)
  several fixes around .pbs_spool usage (USC)
  don't create "kept" stdout/err files ugo+rw (avoid insane umask) (USC)
  qsub -V shouldn't clobber qsub's environ (USC)
  don't prevent connects to "down" nodes that are still talking (USC)
  allow file globs to work correctly under --enable-wordexp (USC)
  enable secondary group checking when evaluating queue acl_group attribute
    - enable the new queue parameter "acl_group_sloppy"
  sol10 build system fixes (USC)
  fixed node manager buffer overflow (UMU)
  fix "pbs_version" server attribute (USC)
  torque.spec updates (USC)
  remove the leading space on the node session attribute on darwin (USC)
  prevent SEGV if config file is missing/corrupt
  "keep_completed" execution queue attribute
  several misc code fixes (UMU)

Garrick Staples, Linux/HPCC Administrator
University of Southern California
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