[torqueusers] PBS_NODEFILE munged during file staging?

Michael Gutteridge mgutteri at fhcrc.org
Fri Jan 6 16:47:05 MST 2006

It looks like, inded, wordexp isn't the issue.  I did update to the
latest p5 snapshot, installed the new server and mom.  Same behaviour.

But I just happened to notice- Resource_list.neednodes /seems/ to
disappear about the same time the job changes state from Q -> R.  So it
could be the scheduler.  I'm using Moab 4.2.2p4.

I just tried a quick test- I shut down moab and ran the same job using
qrun- this time Resource_list.neednodes is maintained.  So I'm going to
point the finger at Moab after all.  Don't know why it'd do that, but
I'll dig into that now...

Thanks for the help- sorry for the bogus report...


On Fri, 2006-01-06 at 12:07 -0800, Garrick Staples wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 05:05:37PM -0800, Garrick Staples alleged:
> > I've not seen this before and I can't reproduce it over here.  I know
> > that part of the code pretty well and I can't think of any connections
> > between PBS_NODEFILE and stagein.
> > 
> > MOM makes a nodefile if the neednodes resource is set on the job.  Does
> > 'qstat -f' show "Resource_List.neenodes" for the job?  Be sure to run
> > qstat as a server manager (pbs_server doesn't let non-managers see
> > neednodes.)
> Which scheduler are you using?  I wonder if for some odd reason the
> scheduler is clearing neednodes when stagein is used.
> (Yes, I'm still struggling to find some sort of connection)
> > A bug in wordexp would be the prime suspect here.  Does it happen when
> > you rebuild without wordexp?
> And of course, if it works without wordexp, I'd ask you to try again
> with a p5 snapshot.  There hasn't been any changes to neednodes,
> nodefile, or a job's env, but the wordexp code got a facelift to better
> support globbing.
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