[torqueusers] Two pbs_servers

Piotr Siwczak psiwczak at man.poznan.pl
Fri Jan 6 03:48:58 MST 2006


I have a torque setup where 2 servers submit jobs to the same set of 
worker nodes. I am using a feature from torque 2.0, making use of: 
$pbsclient and $pbsserver directives in pbs_mom.

In this setup, each mom sees both servers and both servers can submit jobs 
to it. However when one server submits a job, it is not seen 
by the other pbs_server (i.e. the node is marked "job-exclusive" on the 
server which submitted the job, and is still in "free" state on the other 
server). Is it possible, that both servers see what jobs mom is processing?

I hope I'm clear enough with this.

Best regards,

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