[torqueusers] PBS_NODEFILE munged during file staging?

Michael Gutteridge mgutteri at fhcrc.org
Thu Jan 5 15:34:02 MST 2006


Something is screwing up PBS_NODEFILE during file stage-in. I'm using
2.0.0p3, didn't see mention in p4's readme or the list, apologies if I'm

Anyway, to reproduce, submit a job with a file stage-in request, vis:

$ qsub -l nodes=2 -W stagein=localfile at host:remotefile -I

When the interactive session opens:

node$ env |grep PBS_NODEFILE
node$ ls /var/spool/torque/aux

No environment variable and no file neither...

Interactive/non-interactive doesn't seem to make a difference- I've got
word expansion enabled, but I get the same behavior whether there's a
variable in the stagein request or not.

I've turned up logging to 7 on the MOM- it doesn't show any errors. The
MOM does seem to enumerate the nodes in the sisterhood properly...

If I remove the stagein request, MOM behaves properly, creating both
file and environment variable.


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