[torqueusers] Bad UID for job execution

Lippert, Kenneth B. Kenneth.Lippert at alcoa.com
Tue Feb 28 12:06:36 MST 2006

Hello all,

This should be quick.  I know I have seen this before but can't
remember/find how to fix.

I can submit a job from a compute node as user "acme" with an NIS UID of
20211, but from the same compute node the user "nadir" cannot.  The
standard "Bad UID for job execution" error appears.  nadir's NIS UID is
21118.  I think there is an upper and lower bound on the UIDs allowed to
submit (I think 500 is the lower), but I don't know where it is, or how
to change it.
I am assuming this is the problem, since both acme and nadir are in the
managers and operators lists identically.

This is Torque 1.2.0p6 on HPUX 11.11.

Thanks much in advance.


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