[torqueusers] Problem compiling torque - After tests

Santiago Nuñez snunezcr at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 12:46:38 MST 2006


I sent this message some days ago, and meanwhile I did some tests on a ia32
machine. Everything compiles ok on it, but on the sparc the error remains.

Distro: gentoo linux 2005.1
Architecture: UltraSparc IIe (sun4u)
gcc version: gcc-3.3.5

./configure: default configure, no different target directory and no errors

make log:

... (lots of make and dependences info)
make[4]:   *** No rule to make target `PBS_data.o', needed by
... (make recursively falling back on error)

I'd like to see how to correct this behaviour if possible. Is some
dependence missing?  Some extra parameter to ./configure?

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