[torqueusers] Displaying X apps from a job

Leif Nixon nixon at nsc.liu.se
Tue Feb 21 01:51:30 MST 2006

John Hanks <griznog at engineering.usu.edu> writes:

> I tried 'X11UseLocalhost no' but unfortunately that setting
> completely breaks X over ssh everywhere.

Ehm. That shouldn't happen.

> so I think what I'm basically trying to get working is:
> 1. ssh forwards X from $DISPLAY at MASTER:nn back to PC
> 2. job starts X app on NODE and tells it to connect to MASTER:nn so that
> display gets forwarded back to PC. 
> I guess theoretically 'X11UseLocalhost no' could solve my problem, if
> only it didn't break everything :(

Well, it shouldn't.

You need to make sure $DISPLAY on MASTER is something that NODE can
reach, network-wise ('X11UseLocalhost no' is a step in the right direction),
*and* make sure your job on NODE has the proper X authentication
information to be allowed to connect to $DISPLAY - this may or may not
require some fiddling with xauth, depending on your ssh version and
cluster setup.

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