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pat.o'bryant at exxonmobil.com pat.o'bryant at exxonmobil.com
Fri Feb 17 07:40:02 MST 2006

     This change definitely made a difference. The lower priority running
job was interrupted by the submission of the higher priority job. However,
the low priority job was placed back in a "Q" state. I was expecting both
would show "R" with the low priority being suspended. Maybe the suspension
can't occur because both jobs are "parallel"( I am using LAM). In any
event, I am making progress.
      Thanks for the advice,

J.W. (Pat) O'Bryant,Jr.
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Try adding the following to your maui.cfg:

CREDWEIGHT             1
QOSWEIGHT              1

The weights for the priorities need to be set up.  You can verify that
things have been setup correctly by doing a checkjob on the job and
examining its "start priority".  It should be higher for the jobs in the
"normal" QOS.

Hope that helps,

- Douglas

On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 14:17 -0600, pat.o'bryant at exxonmobil.com wrote:
>     I am attempting to implement "preemption" thru Maui.  My objective is
> to allow jobs in queue "last" to be preempted by jobs in queue "dque". I
> want the preempted job to be suspended.  The configuration below does not
> give me preemption I am looking for.
>     For a test scenario, I cut my cluster down to 8 nodes total. I then
> submitted my first job to queue "last". It  went into execution. I then
> submitted my second job to queue "dque" expecting that it would preempt
> first job. The second job remained queued waiting for free nodes. Am I
> missing something to get preemption to work? I am running Maui 3.2.6p13
> Torque 1.2.0p2.
>      Thanks,
>       Pat O'Bryant
> ....
> ....
> CLASSCFG[dque]           QDEF=normal
> CLASSCFG[last]              QDEF=slow
> ...
> J.W. (Pat) O'Bryant,Jr.
> UTeC Systems, SWS
> Office: 713-431-7022
> Pager: 713-606-8338
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