[torqueusers] Files in 'undelivered' and 'mom_logs' taking up space

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Wed Feb 15 09:34:34 MST 2006

> 'undelivered' and 'mom_logs' directories were taking up lots of space. I
> know there is a way to set the level of detail for reporting in
> mom_logs, but is there anyway that Torque will remove old files from
> these directories or somehow clean them out?

Not automatically, that was discussed a while ago, too.
As for the undelivered/ - I once in a while loop thru all my nodes and have
a look or when an user is screaming for help.

I am using the following in /etc/cron.daily as clean_torque_logs.sh (don't
forget to +x the script):

# clean SPBS logfiles
# 744 == keep 1 month back
# keep accounting info 1488 == 2 months
# -m mtime
/usr/sbin/tmpwatch -m -d 1488 $DEST/{server,mom,sched}_logs
/usr/sbin/tmpwatch -m -d 1488 $DEST/server_priv/accounting


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