[torqueusers] patch to support '-n1'

Michael Barnes mbarnes at compsci.wm.edu
Mon Feb 13 13:40:09 MST 2006


I have another patch to qstat that may be of interest to people.

It adds the -N flag which prints the info that the user provided with
the -l option to qsub.  The output looks like:

107138.cpd      myuser   medium   H2L12_2_25    --    2 1536mb 16:00 Q --    2:ppn=2:alpha:parallel   
107141.cpd      myuser   long     N2TZ_5_5_5  20995   1 1536mb 72:00 R 23:00 1:ppn=1:itanium          

I find that option invaluable, and I guess my users might like it also
to see how busy and/or backloged a specific archetecture is on the

This too violates the 77 char width rule, but my terminal application
has resizing capabilities.

Let me know if there is interest in this,


PS, I also have updated the manpage.

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