[torqueusers] is there an epilogue.parallel script?

Lloyd Brown somewhere_or_other at byu.edu
Thu Feb 9 12:51:03 MST 2006

When looking at the documentation for Torque on prologue and epilogue
it has a table showing execution location, user privileges, execution
root, etc, for the prologue, epilogue, prologue.user, epilogue.user,
prologue.parallel, and epilogue.precancel scripts.  Later, when
describing the execution environment (list of args, essentially) for
epilogue scripts, it says it refers to "the epilogue, epilogue.user,
epilogue.precancel, and epilogue.parallel scripts".  Does this mean that
there really *is* an epilogue.parallel script?  If so, can I safely
assume that it has the same execution location, privileges, etc., as the

Lloyd Brown

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