[torqueusers] installing Torque on a 64 bit AMD opteron server with 32 bit nodes

Justin Bronder jsbronder at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 11:01:13 MST 2006

Using gcc -m32 will compile 32-bit binaries, however you'll also need
32-bit libraries and a 32 bit linker to actually complete the process.  If
you really want to run the server in 64 bit mode, your best bet will be
to make a 32-bit environment that you can chroot into for the purpose
of compiling for the nodes/building the node images.  Depending upon
the distro you're using, they may also have a multilib environment
available such as Gentoo.

Anyways, you can check out Gentoo's docs for creating the chroot
environment, I run this on my home computer and it works fine.


Hope this helps,
Justin Bronder

On 2/8/06, Michelangelo D'Agostino <mdagost at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Hey everybody.  I'm new to all this and having some problems with my
> setup.  I have a 64 bit AMD Opteron server with a bunch of 32 bit
> nodes.  I'd like to have the pbs_server running on the 64 bit server
> sending out jobs to the 32 bit nodes.  However, if I run the usual
> configure, make, make install on the 64 bit system and then make the
> self-extracting packages, they don't work on the 32 bit nodes because
> they're the wrong architecture.
> Is there a way to compile things in 32 bit mode on the 64 bit server?  I
> tried modifying the makefiles by hand to use "gcc -m32" instead of
> "gcc", but then I get linking errors.  Or maybe I'm doing something
> completely wrong here?
> Thanks in advance for any help...
> Michelangelo
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