[torqueusers] torque + Kerberos?

Andrew J Caird acaird at umich.edu
Wed Feb 8 07:13:30 MST 2006

On Wed, 8 Feb 2006, Karsten Petersen wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> Andrew J Caird schrieb:
>> We're considering using Torque in an environment that has Kerberos 
>> authentication and AFS-based home directories.  It would be handy if 
>> qsub would hand the a Kerberos ticket to the pbs_server which would in 
>> turn hand it to the pbs_mom on whatever client the scheduler assigns to 
>> that job.
>> Has anyone done any work along these lines?  Or are we on our own here?
> About two years ago I wrote a summary about this topic, it should still 
> be up to date to some extent and contains several links:
>    http://www.kapet.de/kb/krb_afs_batch/
> Since then I have seen at least two setups of Torque or SGE together 
> with AFS in Germany, but there is no ideal solution.  It depends if you 
> use Krb4 or 5 and how much security you are willing to sacrifice. (And 
> its much easier with SGE than with Torque - because of historic 
> reasons.)
> You could try to reach the AFS people at Desy Zeuthen (a German research 
> institute in the Berlin area), they have a good knowledge on AFS and 
> wrote some software (mainly Perl scripts) for integration of their 
> AFS+Krb5 setup into the SGE.


Thanks a lot - those links are quite helpful.


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