[torqueusers] torque + Kerberos?

Andrew J Caird acaird at umich.edu
Tue Feb 7 07:42:55 MST 2006

Thanks George,

PSR looks interesting, but probably not suitable for us.

I was hoping for something that allows PBS to move the tokens from the 
submit host to the execution host.


On Tue, 7 Feb 2006, george wm turner wrote:

> Check out Password Storage and Retrieval System (PSR) at
> http://www.lam-mpi.org/software/psr/
> george wm turner
> uits/rats @ indiana university
> 812 855 5156
> On Mon, 6 Feb 2006, Andrew J Caird wrote:
>> We're considering using Torque in an environment that has Kerberos 
>> authentication and AFS-based home directories.  It would be handy if 
>> qsub would hand the a Kerberos ticket to the pbs_server which would in 
>> turn hand it to the pbs_mom on whatever client the scheduler assigns to 
>> that job.
>> Has anyone done any work along these lines?  Or are we on our own here?
>> --andy

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