[torqueusers] new build system ready!

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Sat Feb 4 02:59:38 MST 2006

>>Do the config files go in /etc/ now, or are they still in the spool
> I didn't make any changes in this area yet, but part of the reason for a
> new build system is to make such changes possible.

Speaking of config files: After make install I am somehow missing


Anybody else the same problem? Options were:

--prefix=/usr/local/torque-2.0.0p7-ac --with-server-home=/usr/local/torque-home


--with-cflags is not honored anymore; now you have to supply it the standard
environment way:

#> CFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -ffast-math ..." ./configure --options

This option should be removed!

Building in a separate build dir works.
make -j3 worked.

Overall build time is a bit longer: 0:56 sec (OLD p7) VS 1:17 min (NEW AC)
Could not do any functions tests right now, queue is busy.

Garrick, what did you change in the source? The diff just showed me some
missing "pbs_version.h".


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