[torqueusers] acl_hosts oddity

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Wed Feb 1 09:42:59 MST 2006

nathaniel.x.woody at gsk.com wrote:
o the cluster.
> My understanding was that both submission hosts and client hosts would 
> need to be in the acl_hosts list, while submission hosts would also need 
> to be identified as submission hosts.  After playing around, I'm not 
> sure if that's true or not.  Does providing a machine in the acl_hosts 
> list allow job submission from that host?
> On the wildcard point, should nate*.gsk.com work (or 
> node*-hivemind.gsk.com)?  It does not appear to.  If it should, I'll 
> play around a bit more as I probably got something wrong.
We are also moving to submit only hosts. I also put the submit host in
the acl_host list, but that did not have the desired effect. Maybe this 
a bug, i do not know. I found two solutions/work arounds:
  1) Put the submit hostname in /etc/hosts.equiv file of the torque server

  2) Another one add the submit host to the cluster. You do not have to 
start the pbs_mom daemon and edit the torque.cfg on the torque server:


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