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Seb Seb sebast2600 at yahoo.fr
Tue Dec 26 04:06:46 MST 2006

  How can I adjust the memory requested by a running job?
  For example, the user has set the memory limit to 16 GB, but the job only uses 13 GB, so there are 3 GB wasted. How can I adjust the memory limit without killing the job? This way, there will be 3 more GB available for other users.
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Christian Fernandez <cfernandez at voicesignal.com> a écrit :
  hmm ok, we been using plain old openPBS, we have like 80 nodes, we
decided to install torque and try..
so when I do qstat and qmgr works on with the mother node in
but when someone summits a job it fails I check the mom_logs
and I get this every minute or so... can someone help me? the
configuration is exacly the same as the other nodes and atlas is our
is on the server_name file..

pbs_mom;Svr;pbs_mom;Success (0) in rm_request, bad attempt to connect -
unauthorized (port: 1021)
message refused from port 1021 addr

more server_name

fn:Christian Fernandez
org:Voice Signal Technologies;IT-Network
adr:;;150 Presidential way;Woburn;MA;01801;USA
email;internet:cfernandez at voicesignal.com
title:Senior Network Engineer
tel;work:781 9705206
note;quoted-printable:Chris F.=0D=0A=
Senior Network Engineer=0D=0A=
Voice Signal Technologies=0D=0A=
781 9705206=0D=0A=
Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.=0D=0A=
We recomend firefox and thunderbird.=0D=0A=

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