[torqueusers] Remote submit hosts?

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Thu Dec 21 14:52:46 MST 2006

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 11:11, Kjeldgaard Morten wrote:

> I think the general consensus is that the rsh utilities and /etc/
> hosts.equiv are security holes that should be avoided at all cost.

Torque doesn't actually use the r* applications themselves, what happens is 
that there is an example authentication function defined in the file:


which has a comment that says:

 * site_check_u - site_check_user_map()
 *      This routine determines if a user is privileged to execute a job
 *      on this host under the login name specified (in user-list attribute)
 *      As provided, this routine uses ruserok(3N).  If this is a problem,
 *      It's replacement is "left as an exercise for the reader."
 *      Return -1 for access denied, otherwise 0 for ok.

It actually looks like it does some extra checks now, with comments like:

    /* submitting from server host, access allowed */
    /* job submitted from compute host, access allowed */
  /* job submitted from host found in trusted submit host list, access allowed 

So if you want to add/debug things then this looks like the place to do it!

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