[torqueusers] Remote submit hosts?

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Thu Dec 21 14:31:33 MST 2006

On Sunday 10 December 2006 00:48, Kjeldgaard Morten wrote:

> Now the question: is it possible to arrange for other computers/
> workstations to submit jobs remotely, via the PBS server? In our  
> setup, people have their preferred workstations, and it would be  
> convienient if you could submit via a "qsub" command no matter which  
> machine you are logged on to in the network.

Unless you've modified the source the pbs_server calls ruserok(3) (as used by 
rlogin, rsh) to confirm a user is authorised to use the server.

So this gives you the option of doing things like configuring /etc/hosts.equiv 
or users .rhosts file.

However, PBS can often rely on rcp/scp to stage output and error files back to 
the node that submitted the job from the mother superior compute node, so you 
would have to have the cluster configured so that (a) the nodes can route 
back to the submit node and (b) the necessary config is done on the submit 
node to allow that to happen automatically.  Alternatively, if you have the 
same shared filesystem for home directories on the cluster and the submit 
node then you could just set the $usecp directive in the pbs_mom config file 
for the filesystems that are shared.

How does that sound ?

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