[torqueusers] Multihomed server question

David Chin david.w.h.chin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 15:27:48 MST 2006

I'm a bit confused by the multihomed server setup.

My config is, I think, fairly typical. One head node with
two ethernet interfaces (eth0, eth1). 18 compute nodes
with single interfaces.

The head node is named jvneumann on eth0, and
master on eth1. eth0 is the "outside world" connection.
eth1 is connected to the switch where all the compute
nodes are connected.

So, I compiled torque 2.2.0-snap.200612151700 specifying


I also put "master.mydomain.edu" in /var/spool/torque/server_name.
And, in /var/spool/torque/torque.cfg, as per the doco, I put:

    SERVERHOST master.mydomain.edu

Despite all this, qmgr etc all report the server name as
jvneumann.mydomain.edu. (jvneumann is the machine
name that's configured at boot time.)

Anyway, it's sort of a mild annoyance. I just updated to
this version of torque from a much older one, and I'm having
trouble getting some jobs to run on one of the two queues
I configured.

Which raises another question I have: the priority setting
for queues. What does it mean? If, say, I have two queues,
one with priority n1, and another with priority n2, and
n1 > n2. Which queue's jobs are more likely to be run first?
I'm just using pbs_sched. I intend to run maui once I figure
out the nitpicky stuff with torque.

Thanks in advance.


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