[torqueusers] Remote submit hosts?

Justin Bronder jsbronder at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 09:05:57 MST 2006

This is quite easy to achieve; we have a number of submission hosts
on side.  The documentation you are looking for is located here:


On 12/9/06, Kjeldgaard Morten <mok at bioxray.dk> wrote:
> Is it possible to establish remote submit hosts in PBS/Torque, to
> submit jobs via the PBS server?
> We have a small CPU cluster, and job submission is carried out from a
> single PBS server host on the external network. It works great, but
> of course it requires that people log on to the PBS server host and
> submit their jobs from there.
> Now the question: is it possible to arrange for other computers/
> workstations to submit jobs remotely, via the PBS server? In our
> setup, people have their preferred workstations, and it would be
> convienient if you could submit via a "qsub" command no matter which
> machine you are logged on to in the network.
> I have googled for answers to this question, and I have seen
> indications that it may be possible, I have just not found any
> specific instructions on how to set it up. I imagine perhaps that a
> routing queue on the "submit hosts" is required. I still want the PBS
> server to be the only machine that interacts with the nodes directly.
> Cheers,
> Morten
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