[torqueusers] Remote submit hosts?

Kjeldgaard Morten mok at bioxray.dk
Sat Dec 9 06:48:01 MST 2006

Is it possible to establish remote submit hosts in PBS/Torque, to  
submit jobs via the PBS server?

We have a small CPU cluster, and job submission is carried out from a  
single PBS server host on the external network. It works great, but  
of course it requires that people log on to the PBS server host and  
submit their jobs from there.

Now the question: is it possible to arrange for other computers/ 
workstations to submit jobs remotely, via the PBS server? In our  
setup, people have their preferred workstations, and it would be  
convienient if you could submit via a "qsub" command no matter which  
machine you are logged on to in the network.

I have googled for answers to this question, and I have seen  
indications that it may be possible, I have just not found any  
specific instructions on how to set it up. I imagine perhaps that a  
routing queue on the "submit hosts" is required. I still want the PBS  
server to be the only machine that interacts with the nodes directly.


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