[torqueusers] Directory server integration

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Thu Dec 7 06:41:02 MST 2006

> b) With some kind of attribute, Torque understands which of these users
> are allowed to submit jobs to the cluster.

For linux (and probably solaris...):

This bit could just be done with posix group membership and acl_groups, 
couldn't it?  groups can be created in ldap fine (though I've always found 
the standardised representation for them slightly annoying), torque just uses 
system name services, if system nss+pam are pointed at ldap, it just works.

I've been running a cluster with an ldap-over-ssl user/group database for 
years, including using group membership to control access.

Main downside is the potential single-point-of-failure unless your budget 
springs to HA/replication (er. it may seem absurd that someone who can afford
a cluster can't afford one more node to make a HA pair for slapd, but hey..).
Also, did sometimes encounter situations where load on the ldap server became 
slightly surprisingly high, but in our case not enough to cause real 

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