[torqueusers] Dependencies among several jobs

Sam Rash srash at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Aug 30 11:03:20 MDT 2006

In theory, why do you need this?  You can construct an equivalent dependency
graph without cycles (DAG) that has the same order of execution; otherwise,
if I can submit dependencies on later jobs, you can easily get deadlock.

Job A not before Job B
Job B not before Job A

Maybe I'm missing something?

Sam Rash
srash at yahoo-inc.com

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Dear Torque users,

I have recently started to use Torque/Maui, but I have some doubts about job

dependencies I hope you can clarify. It looks to me that the way to enforce 
them is by using "-W depend=beforeany:jobid" (or similar) in the qsub 
command or in the #PBS directive. But how can I know beforehand the job id 
of something that hasn't been submitted yet?

I would like to submit at once, say, 30 jobs with dependencies between each 
other. The only solution I have thought so far is to avoid "before" 
dependencies and create a script file: there I submit each single job, read 
its jobid, and use the "-W depend=afterany" option with regard to the 
previous job ids.
But is there a nicer way to enforce dependencies, maybe without having to 
rely on a jobid (but perhaps a job name)?

Thank you in advance,
Vincenzo Di Nicola

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