[torqueusers] Re: Epilogue script

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Wed Aug 30 04:42:59 MDT 2006

On Tuesday 29 August 2006 18:30, Martin Siegert wrote:

> Therefore, do not assume that mpiexec equals OSC's mpiexec 
> implementation.

Of course not, why I qualified it...
We provide an osc-mpiexec [environment] module that our mpich and mpich2 build 
modules depend on since their native mpirun/mpiexecs don't speak TM, but it 
can be loaded independently.  Our openmpi and lam modules conflict with it 
(since they have their own PBS-aware mpiexecs that are preferred for use with 

> There are good reasons for sites not to use OSC's 
> version, e.g., same mpiexec syntax for interactive MPI programs
> and for jobs submitted through torque.

Well, only allow interactive MPI within interactive torque jobs anyway,
so the syntax is the same :-)

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