[torqueusers] Re: Epilogue script

Andrew Keen keenandr at msu.edu
Mon Aug 28 09:43:15 MDT 2006


This feature would be very useful to us as we often have this problem 
(although not as often since we've migrated to using OSU's mpiexec 
instead of mpirun).


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> From: Dave Jackson <jacksond at clusterresources.com>
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> Diego,
>   What would be the negatives of enabling this feature in a much more
> integrated manner?  ie, both mother superior and sister moms have a
> config option 'cleanup_procs = true' which if true will search the
> process tree for processors owned by user X with a matching job id in
> the environment.  pbs_mom could then terminate all of these processes
> directly.  This would make this feature much easier for most sites to
> activate.  No epilog/prolog creation, no compiling, simply set a
> parameter.  And as you mention, it would work in both dedicated and
> shared node operation.
>   Thoughts?
> Dave

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