[torqueusers] watch the job being done

Donald Tripp dtripp at hawaii.edu
Tue Aug 22 11:41:15 MDT 2006

I can't comment on peek, but I can comment on the process that pbs uses
to create output files:

The output file contains output from pbs and from the job run. The first
part of the output file is pbs setting up the job. The center section is
the output from the job, and the final section is the report from pbs.
This file is created by the pbs server, and then "uploaded" to the users
directory, specified in the .pbs file, ONLY after the job has exited.

So, in order to see the output from a job, you must either use a command
to peek at the spools, or in your program design in some other output
system, such as reporting to the syslog.

- Don

Matt Cuttler wrote:
> bill wrote:
>> But the result is written only when the job is finished.
>> Is there a way to watch the content of this file before the job is
>> finished?
>> Users wants to follow the run of their jobs.
> Check out qpeek, in the contrib directory of the TORQUE source.
> Paste:
> [mcuttler at cluster contrib]$ head qpeek
> #!/usr/bin/perl
> # qpeek:  Peek into a job's output spool files
> # Copyright 2001, Ohio Supercomputer Center
> #
> # Usage:  qpeek [options] JOBID
> #
> # Options:
> #   -c      Show all of the output file ("cat", default)
> #   -h      Show only the beginning of the output file ("head")
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