[torqueusers] watch the job being done

Matt Cuttler mcuttler at bnl.gov
Tue Aug 22 10:07:49 MDT 2006

bill wrote:
> But the result is written only when the job is finished.
> Is there a way to watch the content of this file before the job is
> finished?
> Users wants to follow the run of their jobs.

Check out qpeek, in the contrib directory of the TORQUE source.


[mcuttler at cluster contrib]$ head qpeek

# qpeek:  Peek into a job's output spool files
# Copyright 2001, Ohio Supercomputer Center
# Usage:  qpeek [options] JOBID
# Options:
#   -c      Show all of the output file ("cat", default)
#   -h      Show only the beginning of the output file ("head")

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