[torqueusers] How to create maximums for a queue

Jerry Smith jdsmit at sandia.gov
Mon Aug 21 08:41:21 MDT 2006


You need to let pbs know how many cpus each node has.

So within your /var/spool/pbs/server_priv/nodes file make sure you have:

<nodename> np=4  # quadCPU boxes

Then set a maximum node ( not cpu ) count per queue

set queue q4cpu resources_max.nodect = 1

( this sets their ability to get 1 node with 4 cpus  max)

And I recommend setting the default.nodes to reflect the number of cpu per
node as well:

set queue q4cpu resources_default.nodes=1:ppn=4

> I've set up a queue like:
>     qmgr -c "create queue q4cpu queue_type=execution"
>     qmgr -c "set queue q4cpu started=true"
>     qmgr -c "set queue q4cpu enabled=true"
>     qmgr -c "set queue q4cpu resources_default.nodes=1"
>     qmgr -c "set queue q4cpu resources_default.walltime=3600"
>     qmgr -c "set queue q4cpu resources_max.nodes=4"
> I want that users can't use more than 4 CPU. I've got quadriCPU machines.
> But with this setting users can launch jobs with
> qsub -l nodes=8:ppn=4
> Why?
> How can I limit the number of CPU used by queues?
> Thanks
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