[torqueusers] torque head node configuration

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Tue Aug 15 09:24:00 MDT 2006

Is the pbs_mom daemon running on the head node? I often start the "pbs_server" daemon, but fail to 
remember that "pbs_mom" is needed in order for the head node to operate as a compute node.

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Shiloff Bryan A Contr AFNWCA/AT wrote:
> I have installed torque on a small linux cluster.  All the compute nodes 
> except for the head node are recognized and jobs can be submitted to the 
> working nodes successfully.  The head node is a dual processor system 
> and is set up as the pbs server and as a compute node.  However, running 
> the pbsnodes -a command lists all compute nodes as working except for 
> the head node.  When running pbsnodes -a the state of the head node is 
> "down", the ntype is "cluster" and the status field of the head node is 
> blank.  Also, when running the xpbsmon command, the server (which is 
> running on the head node) and the compute nodes (except for the head 
> node) are shown as operational.  Does anyone have any suggestions on why 
> the head node would not be an operational compute node.
> Thanks,
> Bryan...
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