[torqueusers] torque head node configuration

Shiloff Bryan A Contr AFNWCA/AT Bryan.Shiloff.ctr at kirtland.af.mil
Mon Aug 14 11:28:37 MDT 2006

I have installed torque on a small linux cluster.  All the compute nodes
except for the head node are recognized and jobs can be submitted to the
working nodes successfully.  The head node is a dual processor system and is
set up as the pbs server and as a compute node.  However, running the
pbsnodes -a command lists all compute nodes as working except for the head
node.  When running pbsnodes -a the state of the head node is "down", the
ntype is "cluster" and the status field of the head node is blank.  Also,
when running the xpbsmon command, the server (which is running on the head
node) and the compute nodes (except for the head node) are shown as
operational.  Does anyone have any suggestions on why the head node would
not be an operational compute node.



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