[torqueusers] fault tolerance

Alexander Saydakov saydakov at yahoo-inc.com
Thu Aug 10 18:43:29 MDT 2006

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> This odd quoting is really hard to read!

Sorry, I think it was a default configuration in Outlook.
Now it must be better, mustn't it?

> > This does not sound right to me. Can we use an enforced walltime limit
> to
> > work around it?
> No, if MS is down, the job will not exit.
> We have plans to correct this, but presently, jobs will never exit while
> MS
> is down.

Oh, it does not sound very good to me. Do you mean that mom is supposed to
enforce walltime? So if mom is down, there is no other way besides manual
'qdel -p'?

> > Yes, it does not know about the reboot, but it should be able to track
> jobs
> > somehow and realize that those pids are gone or belong to a different
> > process.
> Right, which is why the job exits after pbs_mom starts, the PIDs aren't
> around anymore (which is a pretty shaky assumption to make after a
> reboot because PIDs might be reused).

If mom persisted both pid and command line it started, then it could compare
if command line is the same (also may be shaky).

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