[torqueusers] fault tolerance

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		If it was the job's MS, the job waits forever for the node
to come back.
		If the MS is truely gone forever, then the admin should use
'qdel -p' to
		purge the job from pbs_server.

This does not sound right to me. Can we use an enforced walltime limit to
work around it?
		> 2.	Suppose that node comes back after a while (before
Torque gives up
		> waiting), shouldn't pbs_mom report all jobs as failed if
they are indeed
		> gone?

		pbs_mom doesn't "know" the node has rebooted.  It's action
depends on
		the command-line args.
Yes, it does not know about the reboot, but it should be able to track jobs
somehow and realize that those pids are gone or belong to a different

		> Note: we start pbs_mom with -p option, which we understood
as to keep
		> running jobs (if any).

		Don't use -p or -r on boot.  -p tells pbs_mom to preserve
jobs, even if
		the processes aren't a child, which means that exit status
can't be known.
		Since the process is gone, the job is assumed successfully

Are you saying that without -p it would do the right thing - report those
lost jobs as failed?

Thanks a lot.

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