[torqueusers] RE: [Mauiusers] Which job next?

Caird, Andrew J acaird at umich.edu
Thu Aug 10 12:07:08 MDT 2006

showq will show, in the section titled "Idle Jobs" the priority order of
the jobs; the one at the top will start next unless you're using
backfill, in which case it is harder to say which one starts next.  You
can disable backfill of ordering is very important, but since that
reduces overall efficincy, you probably don't want to do that.

To see the actual priority you can type:  showq -i

To see the factors that go into priority, type: diagnose -p

Hope this helps.

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> Hi,
> Can someone please tell me if there is a torque/maui command 
> to find out which job (out of the waiting jobs) is scheduled 
> to run next?
> Also, the way I see it, the next job to run can only be a 
> calculated guess. And this calculation is done every 
> scheduling interval based on fairshare values, max_proc 
> soft/hard limit and other server/queue parameters. Right?
> Thanks.
> -Neel
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